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Online selling is strictly prohibited except from EMBR International LLC. You can find VACAY products on this website and Amazon. When shopping Amazon, be sure the seller is "EMBR Cocktail Co."

Brick-and-Mortar: Feel free to submit an application and our wholesale team will be in contact if you are a good fit!

Cocktail Mixes are Non-Returnable.

The VACAY Cocktail Shaker may be returned as an unused item in its original packaging within 30 days.

Note: The return time period begins when the order is fulfilled, not when the order is placed or when you receive the order.

We ship out most orders the day we receive them or the following day.

Cocktail Powder

There is zero added sugar. The sugar content you see on the nutrition label is solely from the organic natural agave.

The Agave Margarita has a shelf life of 2 years from the born on date.


Of course! We've mastered the art of keeping your favorite alcoholic beverage cold until the last drop, but we haven't forgotten about hot drinks! You can also enjoy all of your favorite hot beverages, alcohol or non-alcohol, in your favorite EMBR Shaker.

We advise that you do not put your VACAY Shaker in the refrigerator or freezer.

Our double-insulated products were designed to keep your beverage from being affected by outside conditions. This means if you put them in the fridge, it will not change the temperature of the liquid. Putting our products in the freezer can ruin them and voids the warranty. We recommend chilling your beverage to the desired temperature before using your VACAY Shaker!

We recommend cleaning your Shaker after every use to keep in great condition! To clean your product, use a soft cloth and a gentle dish soap. Air dry. Do not put your VACAY Shaker in the dishwasher.

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